I am a broadly trained ecologist with research interests in forest disturbance ecology, ecosystem ecology, and community ecology.

My dissertation work focuses on the effects of wind disturbance and salvage logging on forest composition and carbon storage.

I have a keen interest in mentoring the next generation of scientists, scientific illustration, research on teaching and learning, and plant conservation.

I am seeking post-PhD employment in a research, teaching, or conservation-focused position May 2021.

Selected Experience

Full CV available here


PhD Candidate in Plant Biology, University of Georgia. May 2021

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Major professor: Chris J Peterson

BS in BiologySumma cum laude, The University of the South. 2014

Adviser: Jonathan P. Evans

Publications *=mentored student



  1. CA Oldfield, SC Oldfield*, and JP Evans. 2020. Long-term demography and matrix modeling reveal mechanisms of chestnut oak (Quercus montana) population persistence through sprouting and decline. In Press at Forest Ecology and Management.

  2. JP Evans, CA Oldfield, and JL Reid. 2019. Differential resistance to tree species loss between two dominant communities in a resilient southeastern landscape. In Press. Natural Areas Journal 39: 182-188.

  3. CA Oldfield and CJ Peterson. 2019. Woody Species Composition, Diversity, and Recovery Six Years after Wind Disturbance and Salvage Logging of a Southern Appalachian Forest. Forests 10: 129.

  4. JP Evans, KC Cecala, BR Scheffers, CA Oldfield, NA Hollingshead, D Haskell, and BA McKenzie. 2017. Widespread degradation of a vernal pool complex in the southeastern United States: Challenges to current and future management. Wetlands 37: 1093-1103.

  5. CA Oldfield and JP Evans. 2016. Twelve years of repeated wild hog activity promotes population maintenance of an invasive clonal plant in a coastal dune ecosystem. Ecology and Evolution 6:2569-2578.

  6. JP Evans, CA Oldfield, MP Priestley, YM Gottfried, LD Estes, A Sidik, and GS Ramseur. 2016. The Vascular Flora of the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee. Castanea 81:206-236.

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In review:


CA Oldfield, R Parr*, FS Wen* and CJ Peterson. 2020. Tree wind resistance tested with static winching: an investigation of two common eastern US hardwoods and meta-analysis. In review.

Teaching Experience and Training

University of Georgia

Co-instructor. Graduate Teaching Seminar. 2020

Co-instructor-in-training. Graduate Teaching Seminar. 2019

Co-creator and Organizer. Professional Development in Plant Biology course. 2018  2019

Lab Instructor. Plant Ecology. 2018

Volunteer Science Teacher. Hilsman Middle School (FOCUS). 2017

Pedagogy Courses Taken

Effective Mentoring. 2019

Seminar in Teaching Biology. 2019

Fostering Our Community’s Understanding of Science (FOCUS). Experiential learning course. 2017

Pedagogy of Writing in Disciplines. 2017

Graduate Teaching Seminar. 2017

Online teaching experience and education

Transitioned Graduate Teaching Seminar online April 2020

Used evidence-based online teaching practices including asynchronous discussions, break out rooms, and polling

“Quick Tips for Moving Classes Online”. Scientific Teaching in Practice. Webinar. 2020.

“Online engagement: How to do discussions well & why they aren’t enough.” UGA. Webinar. 2020.

“Preparing to Pivot: Online teaching.” UGA Center for Teaching and Learning. Online course. 2020.


Science fairs and K-12:
Poster Presentation Judge (Plant Sciences). GA Science and Engineering Fair. 2017 – 2020
Oral Presentation Judge. Georgia Jr Science and Humanities Symposium. 2017, 2019 – 2020
Judge. Oconee County Science Fair. 2017


Service to professional societies:
Chair. Ecological Society of America – Student Section. 2020 – 2021
Vice Chair. Ecological Society of America – Student Section. 2019 – 2020
Abstract reviewer. Ecological Society of America. 2020


Service to department/university:

Managing Editor for the Sciences. The Classic Journal. 2017 – present

President. Plant Biology Graduate Student Association 2018 – 2019
Panelist. UGA Graduate School – NSF GRFP Fellowship Info Session. 2018
Committee Member, Faculty Search in Aboveground Ecology. UGA Plant Biology. 2018 – 2019


Mentored undergraduate students

21 undergraduates supervised at the University of Georgia and the University of the South.


University of Georgia

Forest ecology research mentor: R Parr (3 semesters), A Patel, JD Howard, S Mai, F Wen, H Figueroa (2 semesters)


Forest ecology fieldwork supervisor: J Madsen, J Grunfelder, G Mcfeely


Sustainability grant project: M Smith, A Kumi-Ansu, N Crenshaw, R Wang, S Jamal, M Riebock, J Rones, T Wilkins


University of the South

Forest ecology fieldwork supervisor: E Riedlinger, K Kull, E Haubenreiser, Z Loehle, SC Oldfield